Millbrae Historical Society
Dedicated to the celebration and preservation of the rich history of Millbrae

Millbrae Historical Society Officers and Board of Trustees


The following persons are serving as Officers and Trustees for the Millbrae Historical Society for the Year 2021-22:


    President John Muniz

    1st Vice-President Paul Larson

    2nd Vice-President Joe Teresi

   Secretary Gaetane Andrews

    Treasurer Vern Bruce

    Curator Dorothy Semke 

    Historian & Carriage House Facilitator Tom Dawdy

    Museum Facilitator Ray Gier

    Parliamentarian Mary Vella Treseler

    Train Museum Director Vern Bruce                                  

Trustees (through March 2022)
Gloria Borruso
Paul Larson
David Massolo
Joe Teresi

Trustees (through March 2023)
Gaetane Andrews
Tom Dawdy
Cathy Quigg
Dan Quigg
Dorothy Semke

Trustees (through March 2024)
Faye Dawdy
Alicia Espinoza
John Espinoza
Ray Gier
Charlie Hegarty

Lifetime Trustees
Vern Bruce
Helen Habeeb
John Muniz
Mary Vella Treseler